Sunday, November 11, 2012

Girl shoots 24W laser gun vs. robotic targets running chaos mode algorithm

I shoot a 24W laser vs. robotic targets on chaos more algorithm

Me shooting the laser gun against robotic targets

Erin with 24W laser vs. robotic targets

Testing the active targets

As one might expect based on the level of testing we'd done, the active target worked but perfectly. This is a list of the errors we saw, roughly in order of importance:

  • Slipping motor connectors: The targets would exhibit an oscillation when the motor-to-target coupler started slipping. The solution for now is to use super-glue to attach them permanently. This does make removing and replacing parts difficult. I'm considering some tests with nut/bolt locking putties.
  • Hard to transport: The targets do stack next to each other but don't fit in a trunk without taking the side posts off. I don't want people to have to take the side posts off. I'd love if they could just snap into the bases. Then each could be transported separately.
  • Targets were shaken off:The abrupt movement of the targets caused them to share free. Like we any target affixed a piece of cardboard across the two wooden side supports. We then stapled paper targets to that. The cardboard was often shaken free of the side supports, ripping through the two 10mm staples we'd put on each side. No solution yet.
  • Controller was out of range: We had the controller box behind the targets and it only fired at some angles even though the targets were about 20 yards away. I'm considering replacing it with a foot switch. I may still need a relay and just have the foot switch activate the relay so we're not sending the full current to run all the way down the line to the switch and back. This will be especially true if it's ever used for long range shooting.
  • Algorithms were too short:Especially with the controller almost out of range, having only 3 or 4 rounds in a set felt like way too few. Longer rounds might also help train for reloading. We were able to reprogram the box in the field because I brought a computer.
  • Side posts are poorly attached: They're held on with duct-tape. This looks crappy but none of them fell off.
  • Ethernet jacks came loose: The plugs are only hot-glued on and one of them ended up loosely attached after being plugged and unplugged a few times

Active Targets Video 3

Active Targets Video 2

Active targets Video 1