Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fine, I'll shield it

The blue line is actually the signal from the sensor. You can see it looks like shit. I'm getting very inconsistent firing out of the device. I think this is because the signals are getting scrambled. I didn't want to resort to using shielded conductors but it looks like I'll have to if I want to see much of anything at all come out of it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Workspace is trashed; girlfirend unphased.

Got the 7th gate up and working. Now hitting 66m/s.

Earlier commenters have claimed that my workspace may not be trashed to shit on account of me going steady. I submit that my workspace is still totally trashed and simply that the girl is unphased by anything. Even LC circuits :P

(BTW, industrial machinery is an excellent differentiator of of relationship duration. Get laid in a room that has a mattress on the floor, a mounted electromagnetic rifle, a milling machine, 200lbs of parts, and sound proofed walls but wonder nothing off it: One night stand... Walk in and ask 'What the fuck is that?': Keeper.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6th Accelerator: 62m/s, also damage testing

First, let's talk velocity: With the 6th gate easily installed and tuned, it's clear I have the right system working now. From the tuning, you can see that we're able to send projectiles up to 62 m/s (though we're more reliably at the 60m/s range).

Perhaps more interestingly though, I've also done an initial damage test. I used two tie plates, each about 0.9mm in thickness, riveted together. They should do a decent job of absorbing the impact and I don't expect the round to penetrate them yet. Once I have all the gates on, that'll be the goal.

From the photos you can see it did decent damage but as predicted didn't penetrate.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Relentless, inevitable progress

I've installed the 5th gate and gotten it working. There's still a problem with discharging while firing but for some reason the system generally recovers from that. I've half a mind to just start switching out parts of the 5th magnet, it's clearly the bad one. The odd part is that if I disconnect the computer from it, it stops. Yet if I put a scope on the output of the computer, it doesn't seem to be doing anything special (holding the line low, just like it's supposed to).

(Second picture is the waveform of the sensors. Good and clean, given they're quite a ways from the magnets.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Look, it's fucking complicated, ok

I did construct a brand spankin new firing circuit and mount it. It's now powered by one seriously el-cheapo 16bit pic chip (that I'm in love with). Problem is, I also changed the diodes I've been using and it seems like they'll blow out at the drop of a hat. Specifically, when the magnets tried firing while the system was charging (my most common issue). I'm not looking forward to fabricating and installing an entire second chip when I've blown all the sections of this one. For now, I'll try splicing more diodes in parallel with the existing ones (since they blow to the open-connection position).

On another interesting note, the 2nd accelerator gate was never quite the same after a chunk of wire fell into the firing circuit. Specifically, it would fire while charging unless there was a scope on a specific part of it, then it'd charge just fine. Seemed like a bit of a risk to keep it in so I switched it with one of the many firing circuits I'd previously made and am now not using.