Monday, April 4, 2011

It's done. Final speed is 70m/s

First off, you can see that the wave is showing 2.5ms. That's how long it took the projectile to pass 18cm. This puts the final speed at right around 70m/s. With a projectile weight of 9.5g that means we've got a destroy energy of 23.5J.

The machine is only running with 8 of it's total of 13 accelerator gates but frankly I'm just so done with it and all it's bullshit. I'll post a video to explain more, but just to give a few examples:

The lower digital display is supposed to measure the voltage on the capacitors. After several small explosions and major circuit shorts in the rest of the system, it flickers on and off. It can no longer take accurate readings near the machine's top voltage of 410V. Instead, I listen for the tone of the whine on the charger to change. If the voltage limit circuit in the charger ever goes out, the caps will over change, self-short and probably explode.

Every few weeks while working on it, the firing system will find a way to break. Maybe the EM noise will confuse the computer and it'll try firing while charging. The charger can handle extremely high amperage and it'll just overwhelm the firing circuit, heat fracturing the leads and blowing 4 of the gates all at the same time. Maybe the firing coil will find a way to short to the case, bringing the whole gun up to a deadly 400V with tens of thousands of amps behind it. It's always something. And not just some random thing. It's some dangerous shit.

I'll come back and narrate these pics more, post details, and make a video once I'm done with work (like for money work).

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