Monday, November 28, 2011

When simple solutions elude you... keep thinking simple till they don't

I've got a winch. Winches are great. They already take AC, they run in forward and reverse (it's probably just AC rectified into a DC motor), and they're even geared down.

But they only have a cable, so I assumed I'd have to build a good-and-complex threaded rod system because the cable would be either in the center and in the way or I'd have to split it with a complex pulley system to get it to pull on both sides of the table.

I failed to realize till this weekend that really it's acceptable to mount the cable in the front, as long as it doesn't block this specific shelf. It can block all the other shelves it wants, just not this one. And each shelf will probably only be 12" or so tall. So all I really need is some posts.

Given this simplification. I think I'm ready to buy steel for the final table. I'll also need to start thinking about the electronics. Or rather I should have already been thinking about the electronics and now I'm going to get around to that.

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