Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mech: Latest design

The mech simulations take a while. I have some larger, longer ones going but this is an initial one. I'm working on cleaning up the documentation and making sure all the tests work just fine so that I can had it to the wider world cleanly.

The stats of this simulation:

  • Stride length: 5.39'
  • Actuator displacement over the course of the movement: 1.05'
  • Efficiency: 5.13
  • Max height: 9.05'
  • Min height: 10.00'

How the simulation is choreographed:

The act of walking goes by a series of hard coded steps. I'm just asking the simulation to search out and find parameters for it.

Init: right foot forward, weight centered between feet (rtinit, rcinit, ltinit, lcinit)

  1. Left calf up and forward. (lc1)
  2. Right thigh pushes the whole machine to fully upright. (do a search for this value)
  3. Right calf also pushes to fully upright. The right leg is pushing up to let the left leg forward. (do a search for this value)
  4. Left thigh draws under the weight of gravity.
  5. Left thigh pushed the rest of the way forward. (rtinit)
  6. Left calf is released and set to draw under the presence of gravity. We at letting the leg down to keep the center of gravity from going too far forward. (do a search for this value)
  7. Left calf down. We don't have to check the ground distance here because we know this will work. (rcinit)
  8. Right calf to landing position. (lcinit)
  9. Right thigh continues to ltinit, making contact with the ground.

The left leg is now able to take the weight

The parameters of this mech walk:

  • Right Thigh Init: 1.744
  • Right Calf Init: 1.550
  • Left Thigh Init: 0.942
  • Left Calf Init: 1.550
  • Left Calf Step1: 1.744
  • Right Thigh Step2: 1.433
  • Right Calf Step3: 1.433
  • Left Thigh Step4: 1.433
  • Left Calf Step6: 1.433

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