Monday, December 20, 2010

3d pinter: First object

(see bottom for video)

The printer required some more hassle. Including switching the x-axis plug to get it running in the right direction, really tightening down the plastic feeder switch, and some really special calibration of the z-axis. Again, I'll stress that I'd be happy if it was 2x the size but much more serviceable. Then again, it's pretty cool that my 3d printer is smaller than my milling machine.

Print time was pretty fast. And the extrusion was quite small. As the directions note, it does smoke a bit the first few times and has a bit of an odor. I think that's just what happens when you take a chunk of epoxy and electronics up to 220 deg C.

I printed a 2cm x 2cm x 1cm brick. It weighs in at 3.9g. That means the material is about 1000kg per cubic meter. Since the plastic is about $33/kg that object, if you could print it, would come out to about $33,000 per cubic meter or about $0.032 per cubic centimeter. That's a pretty good price for being able to make anything you want.

As for durability, this thing is a brick for sure. I can bend the platform but the brick itself does not bend or give in any sort of way. Once I show it around I'll cut it in half and post the results.


  1. I mentioned the little base that it prints at climbing -- basically that's a pattern that sticks to the platform itself and to the object being printed -- otherwise as the platform moved it would worry about the object shifting or tipping.

  2. Now you need to print something more interesting