Friday, December 24, 2010

Back to building products. No more fucking around building tools.

The 3D printer is actually doing it's job: I've got a bracket. It turns out the smallest wall the machine can realistically do in this shape is 3mm so that's the size I build the holder to.

I also have the new circuit boards which I've cut and soldered up one of. I waited to print brackets till I had them because I don't know the size for sure till I've got the boards and frankly it's not a big deal to make brackets anymore so I can just do it at the time I need them :).

I did remember, however, that each of the firing boards has a big-fuck 1000kOhm, 10W resistor that it needs. I've re-engineered the brackets to have a holder. I'd print them now but the sis is in the living room reading (the machine squeaks and smells a bit). She'd tolerate it, but this holiday season the gift I'm giving is not-being-a-fucker.

Code of the machine:
circuitLength = 50;

circuitWidth = 36;

circuitDepth = 3;

circuitLip = 3;

bedToBoltCenter = 22; //Distance between the bottom of the barrel holder and the mounting bolt for each barrel section

bedWidth = 40; //How wide the bar that holds the barrel is.

boltDiameter = 8;

wallThickness = 3;

resistorWidth = 11;


//a = 10;

//X is along the length of the circuit

//y is along the barrel length

//z is up

module circuitHolder()




union() //Added parts


translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,0,0])

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength, wallThickness*2 + circuitWidth, wallThickness*2 + circuitDepth], center=true);

rotate([0,-90,0]) //bolt




translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,-resistorWidth/2-circuitWidth/2,-wallThickness-circuitDepth/2-resistorWidth/2]) //Resistor holder

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength,wallThickness*2 + resistorWidth, wallThickness*2 + resistorWidth], center=true);


union() //Removed parts


translate([circuitLength/2 + wallThickness + 1,0,0])

cube(size=[circuitLength+1, circuitWidth, circuitDepth], center = true);

translate([circuitLength/2 + wallThickness + 1,0,0])

cube(size=[circuitLength+1, circuitWidth - 2*circuitLip, circuitDepth+wallThickness*2+100],center= true);

rotate([0,-90,0]) //Bolt




translate([0,0,-bedToBoltCenter-2 ]) //Edge to accomidate bend in the holding bar



translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,-resistorWidth/2-circuitWidth/2,-wallThickness-circuitDepth/2-resistorWidth/2]) //Resistor holder cut-out

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength+2,resistorWidth, resistorWidth], center=true);

translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,-resistorWidth/2-circuitWidth/2,0]) //Resistor top slat

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength+2,resistorTopSlat, resistorWidth], center=true);







//cube(size=[30,30,20], center=true);


  1. So, can we use your 3D printer sometimes? If, say, we order the feed material in the color we want to print in?