Friday, December 24, 2010

Back to building products. No more fucking around building tools.

The 3D printer is actually doing it's job: I've got a bracket. It turns out the smallest wall the machine can realistically do in this shape is 3mm so that's the size I build the holder to.

I also have the new circuit boards which I've cut and soldered up one of. I waited to print brackets till I had them because I don't know the size for sure till I've got the boards and frankly it's not a big deal to make brackets anymore so I can just do it at the time I need them :).

I did remember, however, that each of the firing boards has a big-fuck 1000kOhm, 10W resistor that it needs. I've re-engineered the brackets to have a holder. I'd print them now but the sis is in the living room reading (the machine squeaks and smells a bit). She'd tolerate it, but this holiday season the gift I'm giving is not-being-a-fucker.

Code of the machine:
circuitLength = 50;

circuitWidth = 36;

circuitDepth = 3;

circuitLip = 3;

bedToBoltCenter = 22; //Distance between the bottom of the barrel holder and the mounting bolt for each barrel section

bedWidth = 40; //How wide the bar that holds the barrel is.

boltDiameter = 8;

wallThickness = 3;

resistorWidth = 11;


//a = 10;

//X is along the length of the circuit

//y is along the barrel length

//z is up

module circuitHolder()




union() //Added parts


translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,0,0])

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength, wallThickness*2 + circuitWidth, wallThickness*2 + circuitDepth], center=true);

rotate([0,-90,0]) //bolt




translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,-resistorWidth/2-circuitWidth/2,-wallThickness-circuitDepth/2-resistorWidth/2]) //Resistor holder

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength,wallThickness*2 + resistorWidth, wallThickness*2 + resistorWidth], center=true);


union() //Removed parts


translate([circuitLength/2 + wallThickness + 1,0,0])

cube(size=[circuitLength+1, circuitWidth, circuitDepth], center = true);

translate([circuitLength/2 + wallThickness + 1,0,0])

cube(size=[circuitLength+1, circuitWidth - 2*circuitLip, circuitDepth+wallThickness*2+100],center= true);

rotate([0,-90,0]) //Bolt




translate([0,0,-bedToBoltCenter-2 ]) //Edge to accomidate bend in the holding bar



translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,-resistorWidth/2-circuitWidth/2,-wallThickness-circuitDepth/2-resistorWidth/2]) //Resistor holder cut-out

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength+2,resistorWidth, resistorWidth], center=true);

translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,-resistorWidth/2-circuitWidth/2,0]) //Resistor top slat

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength+2,resistorTopSlat, resistorWidth], center=true);







//cube(size=[30,30,20], center=true);


  1. So, can we use your 3D printer sometimes? If, say, we order the feed material in the color we want to print in?

  2. What is your job, What are you trained as?