Monday, April 16, 2012

The beginnings of the mech simulator

I decided I needed some computer aided design, beyond the excel spreadsheet I was using. I need a mech simulator. The mech simulator has several goals:

  • V1: Show the mech based on the dimensions and actuator positions

  • V2: Indicate bob-height when walking

  • V2: Indicate stride when walking

  • V2: Indicate max/min height

  • V2: Indicate foot colissions when running walking sequence

  • V3: Export information to open-scad for 3-d rendering and model printing

  • VNext: Load calculations

  • VNext: Inertia calculations

After a bit of playing around I found the best way was just to specify new joints and place them at distances from previous joints. I wanted to make something easier/cheaper and more specific to this project but there was no value in not making it general. This joint-adding approach makes it easy to write out the dimensions of whatever you're making. It works for single-leg-bone designs. It works for parallel-leg-bone designs like what I will probably use.

I still have to work out the dimensions myself, but once I have a sequence of commands and information about walking I'll be able to play with that much more dynamically.

Eventually the V2-VNext features will allow me to expand and finalize my designs while still being able to react to fuck-ups I make.

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