Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So I've decided to build a mech and I want your help

There's a lot of work to do.
1. Statics analysis on how a two-bone leg is different from a one bone leg. I can eliminate an actuator by doing design A and don't think it changes the force equations much but I don't know. At some point I'll do the statics equations but anyone can do that right now. (see diagram)
2. Research availability and prices on hydraulic cylinders/actuators that have built-in encoders. As in a measure of how far the cylinder has extended. All the exterior encoders I've seen will mountings, calibration, etc. It must be something with a price, at least a quote if not an add-to-cart style for purchasing. There's a lot of industrial parts makers that do not actually handle distribution and we need a distributor.
3. Other large-scale walking robots. Especially bipedal. I haven't seen any that actually walk. If there's not a video of it moving it's a BS project. Best I've seen is a 6-legged logging robot that's build not to damage foliage as it moves through the forest.

Pick one. Tell me what you find out.

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