Saturday, February 12, 2011

Relentless, inevitable progress

I've installed the 5th gate and gotten it working. There's still a problem with discharging while firing but for some reason the system generally recovers from that. I've half a mind to just start switching out parts of the 5th magnet, it's clearly the bad one. The odd part is that if I disconnect the computer from it, it stops. Yet if I put a scope on the output of the computer, it doesn't seem to be doing anything special (holding the line low, just like it's supposed to).

(Second picture is the waveform of the sensors. Good and clean, given they're quite a ways from the magnets.


  1. BTW: This means we're at 55m/s with the big projectile.

  2. Also, I did get the charging issues down. Added another shielded wire and a cap; now I'm not seeing any discharge on the gates.