Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6th Accelerator: 62m/s, also damage testing

First, let's talk velocity: With the 6th gate easily installed and tuned, it's clear I have the right system working now. From the tuning, you can see that we're able to send projectiles up to 62 m/s (though we're more reliably at the 60m/s range).

Perhaps more interestingly though, I've also done an initial damage test. I used two tie plates, each about 0.9mm in thickness, riveted together. They should do a decent job of absorbing the impact and I don't expect the round to penetrate them yet. Once I have all the gates on, that'll be the goal.

From the photos you can see it did decent damage but as predicted didn't penetrate.


  1. The background of these pictures are 423789x tidier than usual. Does this mean you're dating someone? :D

  2. I do indeed. But my place is still trashed. I'll clean when the accelerator is done. She just doesn't care. After all, I think she only has eyes for my 3D printer. I could be 400lbs and racist but I think I could still get her if the pixel resolution on that thing was high enough. :P I super <3 the girl.