Saturday, October 22, 2011

Macroscopic engineering: Apartments come with 240V outlets

Two important points: #1. Apartments usually come with 240V outlets. #2. You probably don't need them.

Washer/dryer and ovens often require higher power and can come in 240V models. As a result, even residential places often come with high-power outlets. My apartment was build about two years ago and it has both a 30A and a 40A circuit in it.

Of course, light industrial machines don't seem to even need that. For instance the Bandsaw I just bought only takes 7A (vs the standard 120V 15A circuit). Similarly, the MIG welder I'm going to use goes up to 20A on 120V but will probably stay below the 15A limit if I keep it turned down (we'll see).

On the subject of light industrial equipment in your apartment, I've also moved the accelerator target to down the hall to make room for all that swanky new shit.

I'd like to also give a shout out to Hazard Factory's founder Rusty. I took their welding class as an intro to heavier metal working. In part I loved it for being very informative and helpful for actually learning welding. In part I loved it because Rusty is like the nicest guy ever. You look him up on facebook and every single picture is of him smiling. I'd like to be such a person.

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