Sunday, October 2, 2011

The new engineering center part II

Plans for building the house are well under way and the team to do so has grown: I now have a building, an architect, a pyrotechnical engineer, and a structural engineering firm. It feels strange that my largest project yet will be almost entirely built by other people. But it also makes sense: if you want something built for a good price, get people who have built many of them before.

In terms of the actual plans, the main floor is just over 1400 sqft and will be entirely devoted to engineering. I've even got a 1000lb crane that will be able to lift light vehicles from street level up the 20' to the main floor. The engineers are also giving it a more heavily reinforced 100lbs/sqft floor (vs the 40lbs that most houses have). Between those two specs I should be able to have just about any equipment needed, provided we can disassemble it enough to meet the crane's limit.

Of course, we still have to build it. One of the major issues will be getting material up onto the hill to even begin construction. I leave such things to the builder.

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