Friday, October 28, 2011

Touching a far away world

This is a welding table. It's put together with bolds. I don't know what the bolts are made out of by it's not steel. Perhaps chips of old people's bones.

And it was made by hand. I can tell because the maker stripped out one of those bolts putting it together. A machine would have just fucked it up and given some error. This dude packed nicely, still totally broken, with the bolt but missing the nut he stripped. I didn't even notice it was wrong till I tried to put it together.

I think it's cute in a way that this person is probably just as annoyed with the low quality of the bolts that strip all the time as the customers whose stuff doesn't work the first time. I hope that person doesn't sweat it; we'll find extra bolts and in the end it's the cheap as company cutting those corners.

It makes you wonder a lot about that person. A tiny connection across the global distribution void.

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