Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting messy

Machine kept falling over, so I added a brace. Not fancy, the but the theme of recent construction is 'get it done'.

Been working mostly on getting the overall wiring diagrams done. There will be a succession of 12 electromagnets, each will need identical wiring but I don't want to have any point that has a breakout of 6 different wires times 12 magnets. That would be a disaster. Instead I'm going for a daisy chaining design where each plugs into the next one. Hopefully that won't mean too many failure points and power lost through connections but we'll see.

Even with that simplification, there's a need for a central junction to which many different systems can connect. Last time I did this, I just made a specialized connector. It worked but that was a mistake from a recycle-and-modify-the-parts-later standpoint. I still don't like the junction connector but next time I'll remember to make room for it somewhere on the device itself instead of just having it hang out up in the front of the rifle as it'll likely be doing.

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