Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick initial results

I fired at 250V (of 450V max), using 2 of the accelerator gates (later to be 13, but they'll be of different dimensions so hard to compare that now). The projectile was clocked at 20m/s. More specifically, it took 7.6ms to pass a distance of 15cm. (I'll post later about how I do ballistic measurement.)

I was using some relatively beefy SCRs in a Super-247 package but I toasts them heartily anywhere beyond 200Vs. Instead I switched to a bolt-style SCR that's been doing fine. Oddly they have exactly the same characteristics on their datasheets. Clearly one of them is lying. Too bad too, cuz the one I toasted was only $6 and the other one is $26. It'll need more than one of two of these things before the project is done.

Bolt style:
247 style:

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