Monday, November 15, 2010

New circuit holder is ready

This bracket will get bolted in underneath each of the magnet holders. It should contain both the basic circuits and the large bolt-style SCR that I'll be using.

The code for this one is actually quite dynamic so I didn't bother to measure and plug in the real values. I'll do all that when the 3D printer gets here and I can also investigate the strength of the plastic.

The code:
circuitLength = 60;

circuitWidth = 45;

circuitDepth = 3;

circuitLip = 4;

bedToBoltCenter = 20; //Distance between the bottom of the barrel holder and the mounting bolt for each barrel section

bedWidth = 50; //How wide the bar that holds the barrel is.

boltDiameter = 8;

wallThickness = 3;

a = 10;

//X is along the length of the circuit

//y is along the barrel length

//z is up

module circuitHolder()




union() //Added parts


translate([circuitLength/2+ wallThickness/2,0,0])

cube(size=[wallThickness+circuitLength, wallThickness*2 + circuitWidth, wallThickness*2 + circuitDepth], center=true);

rotate([0,-90,0]) //bolt





union() //Removed parts


translate([circuitLength/2 + wallThickness + 1,0,0])

cube(size=[circuitLength+1, circuitWidth, circuitDepth], center = true);

translate([circuitLength/2 + wallThickness + 1,0,0])

cube(size=[circuitLength+1, circuitWidth - 2*circuitLip, circuitDepth+wallThickness*2+100],center= true);

rotate([0,-90,0]) //Bolt








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